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Jordan Giesler

Makers of Sport Podcast #105

February 19, 2020
Jordan Giesler

Jordan Gielser, Creative Services & Brand Manager of Super Bowl LIV Champion Kansas City Chiefs, joined the podcast to discuss his lengthy career working for a historic NFL franchise.

Jordan found his way into the Chiefs organization after majoring in commercial art in college; however, after a seasonal gig with the team he would find himself leaving sports design for a b2b industrial gig. Eventually, he returned to the Chiefs and would climb from junior graphic designer to creative services & brand manager which is his role today.

The Chiefs had many successful campaigns this season including their 2019 Mexico City Campaign; which we discuss in depth. Jordan also touches on developing the creative for the historic 60th Season of Chiefs Football and how they were able to balance a completely different look for the season paying homage to the past but remaining true to the current brand.

Lastly, Jordan shares his unique, behind-the-scenes insight into what goes into working as a creative at the Super Bowl. From the planning, to the potential unused creative in case of a loss, to the gameday duties; we get a rare glimpse into hectic weeks heading to up to and following the biggest event in sports.

Listen along as Jordan shares his story.

Mentions Include:

My next guest is William Peebles, product designer & founder of Huntington Base Ball Co.. Huntington Base Ball Co. is a company that makes and sells hand-made baseball goods paying homage to American craft. In the meantime you can follow William on Twitter @HuntingtonBBC.

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