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Ted Irvine

Makers of Sport Podcast #20

January 12, 2015
Ted Irvine

"If you are fundamentally strong in [typography, composition, grids, layout, etc.] it will translate back to the digital space."

Ted Irvine, Senior Design Director at Vox Media – the digital media company that includes SB Nation, The Verge, Polygon, Curbed, Eater and more – joins the show this week to tell the story of SB Nation and its eventual growth into Vox Media.

SB Nation is a sports site that has grown from fan-run blogs to a technology company that includes many other verticals producing fantastic content in the sports, food, technology, gaming and other industries.

In this episode we discuss Ted's path to SB Nation, the challenges of rebranding 300+ websites, and the advertising model of Vox Media which includes a talented in-house production/advertising agency.

We also discuss the difference between design directors and creative directors, as well as what Ted is looking for when hiring designers for Vox Media.

Lastly, Ted sheds some light on how designers can fight for a seat at the table instead of just being cake decorators.

SB Nation logos by Fraser Davidson and Ted Irvine

SB Nation redesign

Vox Creative's vertical brands

SB  Nation's CFB Playoff Preview

SB Nation's College Football guide

Mentions include:

The next episode will be another Halftime where I will discuss impostor syndrome. After that, our next guest will be Fraser Davidson, founding partner of animation shop, Cub Studio and creative director of Field Theory Sports Branding.