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Jason Feirman

Makers of Sport Podcast #3

May 18, 2014
Jason Feirman

Former Louisiana State University athletic publications director, Jason Feirman joins us this week to discuss an insider's perspective working on creative projects within a prominent college athletic program. 

Jason spent 13 years at LSU, was a part of many national championships and final fours and lead the rebranding of the Tigers in the early 2000s.

He discusses the day-to-day of life in a successful athletic program and talks about some of his favorite projects. 

In 2012, gave the ultimate compliment of Jason's work saying "Only LSU can produce a media guide that gives you goosebumps". 

Mentions Include...

My next guest is Todd Radom of Todd Radom Design. Todd specializes in sports branding and has done notable work for the MLB, NBA and more.