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Makers of Sport Podcast #18

December 15, 2014

"A well activated brand is more successful than a great brand that is not activated very well...the execution is such an important part of it. It makes or breaks a great program"

mets allstar visual research by fanbrandz

tampa bay rays identity by fanbrandz

tampa bay rays design and identity development on uniforms by fanbrandz

tampa bay rays light study by fanbrandz

tampa bay rays glint development sketches by fanbrandz

nhl winter classic logo by fanbrandz

nhl presidential campaign buttons for the winter classic

nhl winter classic campaign posters

nhl winter classic ticket designs by fanbrandz

nhl winter classic style guide wall

anaheim ducks identity before and after by fanbrandz

anaheim ducks jersey design

anaheim ducks 2010 rebranding logo on uniform by fanbrandz

This week, New Jersey sports branding agency Fanbrandz joins the show. Principal and creative director Bill Frederick, as well as senior designer and new media director Michael Raisch come aboard to talk about creating brands for the MLB and the NHL.

Fanbrandz began as the sports and entertainment design agency, Frederick & Froberg. On the 25th anniversary of the business, Bill Frederick and Thomas Froberg split the company into sister companies to serve specific niches, with Fanbrandz serving the sports industry and Styleworks serving the entertainment niche.

On this episode, we discuss what makes a good branding style guide and specifically touch on what Fanbrandz includes in their style guides – including brand activation and asset management in this digital era versus the olden days of print.

Fanbrandz has worked with the MLB for over 20 years on both team branding as well as designing and managing the visual assets of every MLB All-Star Game. Think about the many stories over those years. Lucky for us, Michael and Bill share with us a few of those on this episode.

Mentions include:

The next show guest is Aaron Masik, Senior Graphic Designer for the San Antonio Spurs. You may have seen Aaron and I on twitter in deep discussion about professionalism in our industry, free internships, salaries and more. Should be an interesting show.