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Brian Gundell

Makers of Sport Podcast #71

March 28, 2016
Brian Gundell

“The best designers are always problem-solvers...[our] job is to figure out how to make this [project] the best it can be.”

On this week’s podcast, freelance sports designer Brian Gundell joined the show to discuss his career working in a few different limbs of the sports industry. From agency side to Nike to the MLB to college football recruiting, Brian has an varied history in this niche of design.

Brian touches on the importance of to his entry into sports design, as well as the importance of networking and building relationships with folks in this very small industry.

We laugh about the ridiculousness of college football recruiting graphics and Brian elaborates on this newest position for designers in sports.

Lastly, we touch on the lack of upward mobility in college sports and Brian leaves us with some insight into his move to full-time freelance.

Spokane Empire secondary logo by Brian Gundell

Spokane Empire game program covers by Brian Gundell

Miami Dolphins 2015 Draft logo by Brian Gundell

Washington Football 2015 Fan Fest logo by Brian Gundell

Washington Football Movie Poster by Brian Gundell

Wyoming Athletics rebrand pitch by Brian Gundell

Arizona Diamondbacks 2013 Throwback night logo by Brian Gundell

Mentions include:

My next guest is going to be Tim O'Shaughnessy. Tim is a broadcast art director at ESPN where he has worked on motion packages for brands such as ESPN College Football, Mike & Mike, NBA on ESPN and the 2014 World Cup to name a few. Some of Tim's work can be seen at his site here.

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