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Brian Lindstrom

Makers of Sport Podcast #74

April 25, 2016
Brian Lindstrom

"You need to put food on the table. You need to do things you need to do to have a life. But, at the same time you need to feed your soul a little bit too."

Brian Lindstrom, art director at Trek, joined the podcast this week to discuss his career designing for physical products in the consumer brand space for brands such as Oakely, Skullcandy and now Trek.

We discuss Brian's education pursuing an M.F.A. in Design, how being a California kid with Midwest roots plays into his work, why he prefers working in consumer products rather than agencies and more.

Brian also gives us some insight into has many side projects including Bases Loaded Series and 50Built as we touch on the importance of creating for passion.

Lastly, we discuss naming companies, trends in naming and how our work is an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

Brian Lindstrom with Bases Loaded gallery

Bases Loaded Series posters by Brian Lindstrom

Bases Loaded Series posters by Brian Lindstrom

Bases Loaded Series posters by Brian Lindstrom

Illustrated pattern for Oakely by Brian Lindstrom

Pete Rose poster by Brian Lindstrom

The Cobra poster by Brian Lindstrom

Reel logo by Brian Lindstrom

Free Reef logo by Brian Lindstrom

Skull candy wings logo by Brian Lindstrom

Sean Starwars "monkey" poster by Brian Lindstrom

Team Wisconsin cycling logo by Brian Lindstrom

Brian Lindstrom with custom Trek bike

Mentions include:

My next guest is going to be Sloane Kelley, Senior Director of Content for the PGA Tour. Sloane has an extensive agency background and has been with the PGA for 3 years. She recently spoke at SXsports on VR and golf.

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