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Matt Stevens

Makers of Sport Podcast #15

November 3, 2014
Matt Stevens

"Do you what you love, it will lead to great things, but it better be good."

Independent Designer & Illustrator Matt Stevens joins the show this week to discuss personal projects and how they can help us get better at our craft and possibly even lead to work from our dream clients.

Since joining the freelance world, Matt has worked with brands such as Facebook, Pinterest, NBA, WWE, Dunkin Donuts, Nike and more. We discuss his transition from employment as an unknown Charlotte, North Carolina agency creative director to making the jump into independence and becoming "Internet famous".

Matt also touches on the troubles of learning how to price for big brand work and how making side projects for fun lead to some of his dream clients such as Nike.

We do a deep dive on his successfully funded Kickstarter project, the MAX100 Project, a book with 100 profile illustrations of the Nike Airmax 1 in different visual styles.

A golden nugget is shared about a fantastic email that the renown Nike sneaker designer and VP of Nike Design, Tinker Hatfield sent Matt after his MAX100 Project.

Finally, we talk entrepreneurship, The Designer Fund's Bridge Program and how creative people should found their own businesses and ideas.

MAX100 Book

MAX100 book spread

MAX100 poster

Nike Airmax 1 shoes with color schemes from the MAX100 Project

Nike Airmax pack based off of MAX100 book

Nike Airmax t-shirt

Nike Airmax pixel t-shirt by Matt Stevens

Nike Airmax arcade t-shirt by Matt Stevens

Nike Airmax arcade illustration by Matt Stevens

Facebook business illustrations by Matt Stevens

Illustration for Money Magazine by Matt Stevens

Carolina Panthers 1955 van illustration

Mentions Include:

My next guest is Tyson Beck, designer and founder of Posterizes, an NBA digital art design collective.