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Writing as Design

Makers of Sport Podcast #61

December 28, 2015
Writing as Design

Design is about communication. It is about articulating decisions made from a professional perspective in order to sell something, or have a user do something. Other than speaking verbally, writing is the most important skill set to have when communicating ideas or opinions.

On this Halftime, I discuss why the people that are the best at their craft are also good writers and why writing is designing words. In order to be great at what you do, you also MUST be a good communicator. Being able to articulate and construct your ideas in written form are very important to our growth as creatives and as human beings.

Mentions include:

My next guest is Michelle Cruz, Senior Art Director of the New York Red Bulls. Prior to the Red Bulls, Michelle spent many years at ESPN as a broadcast designer working on much of the visual work still in use today, as well as the New York Knicks as an art director.

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