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Forgetting Failure

Makers of Sport Podcast #72

April 4, 2016
Forgetting Failure


Failure. You've read about it, heard about it, maybe even experienced it. There is not shortage of opinions on failure on the Internet when it comes to sports, business or entrepreneurship.

On this week's Halftime I bring a few different perspectives on failure and even share a few of my own that I've bounced back from.

The goal is get to you to not fear failure and to not let it keep it you from creating.

There is also a cameo from a famous ad man discussing his own thoughts on failure.

Mentions include:

My next guest is going to be Tim O'Shaughnessy. Tim is a broadcast art director at ESPN where has worked on many high-profile graphics packages such as Mike & Mike, 2014 World Cup, NBA on ESPN and the 2015 ESPN College Football rebrand.

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