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Infinite Scale

Makers of Sport Podcast #80

June 20, 2016
Infinite Scale

"In the environment, things need to be simplified, they need to have a quick read. You scale things very differently in environmental graphics than typical graphic design applications."

Amy Lukas, Cameron Smith and Molly Mazzolini—co-founders & creative partners of Infinite Scale—join the show to tell the story of their environmental design firm.

The three partners give us a view into their individual backgrounds and tell the story of how they met and what led to eventually founding their own design firm.

Cameron & Amy discuss how they landed their first major project for a the NFL and shares a bit about their design and pitch process, including assessing a city and the opportunity for design.

Additionally, Molly shares how they approach branding from a strategic and relationship perspective; as well as explains what a brand activation is.

Amy gives us some insight into their work culture and why it is very important to growing and sustaining a reputable design firm.

Lastly, we discuss ReScale; the green initiative of recycling and repurposing one-off environmental assets into other products.

2016 College Football Playoff exterior stadium graphics by Infinite scale

2015 College Football Playoff environmental graphics AT&T stadium by Infinite Scale

2015 CFP environmental graphics by infinite scale

2016 CFB 3d logo environmental activation by infinite scale

CFB bus wrap by Infinite Scale

NBA All-Star building facade graphics by infinite scale

2016 NHL All-Star Game Environmental Graphics by Infinite Scale

Nashville hockey puck graphics by Infinite Scale

Bridgestone Arena NHL All-Star game graphics by Infinite Scale

Utah Utes basketball facility environmental graphics by infinite scale

2016 NHL Stadium Series environmental activation by Infinite Scale

Utah Utes basketball facilities by Infinite Scale

Texas A&M Kyle Field environmental graphics by Infinite Scale

Kyle Field Gig em graphics by Infinite Scale

Super Bowl 39 environmental graphics by Infinite Scale

Mentions Include:

The next podcast will be a crossover episode. Sean Callanan, founder of SportsGeek, and I are collaborating on an episode that appear on both podcasts. A part 1 & 2 split between two brands.

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