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Interception Show

Makers of Sport Podcast #25

February 23, 2015
Interception Show

"Designers (or creators) are a dime a dozen. There are tons of designers in the world. Who's the best designer in the world? We probably can't name one because there are [1000s] that are about the same level...the way that we distinguish ourselves is through our personalities and our world view and also our skillsets. But how comfortable can you make the person you are working with in regards to them being able to trust you and executing something that is going to be good for them."

Former guest and renown sports branding designer, Joe Bosack returns to the show for milestone Episode 25 in order intercept the mic and interview Makers of Sport founder & host, Adam Martin.

In this episode, Joe gives Adam the opportunity to tell his story beginning in his grade school days drawing fake movie posters all through falling in love with graphic design, business and the eventual founding of Makers of Sport.

Through his backstory, Adam touches on things like being an average student, becoming passionate about something after once being apathetic, failure, his transition from full-time employment at a global sports agency into running an independent design consultancy.

The two friends also discuss why Adam enjoys having multiple creative pursuits instead of focusing on one medium or task, the podcast beginnings and how it has affected Adam's current business processes and workflows, as well as why the show or its topics aren't for everyone.

For some of Adam's favorite reads, check out the Makers of Sport Book Club.

Montgomery Co. Indians rebrand by Adam Martin

Sixth Man movie posters

2014 Eastern Kentucky University football poster by Adam Martin

2014-15 eastern kentucky university basketball poster by adam martin

2013 Eastern Kentucky University football poster by Adam Martin

2013-14 Eastern Kentucky University basketball poster

2011 Eastern Kentucky University baseball poster by Adam Martin

Kentucky Game Gear logo by Adam Martin

Tailgate the SEC iPhone app design by adam martin

3d Lacrosse Great State Showdown ad

3d lacrosse great state showdown postcard by adam martin

3d lacrosse mobile homepage design by adam martin

3d lacrosse homepage design by adam martin

asphalt magazine spread by adam martin

aphalt magazine roofing spead

matt carpenter logo by adam martin

Mentions Include:

Big thanks to Joe Bosack, founder and creative director of Joe Bosack & Co. for hosting this milestone episode.

Our next guest is Bethany Heck. Bethany is the designer founder of Eephus League, a baseball website dedicated to the game and its culture. She was also recently a designer at IBM's Mobile Innovation Lab in Austin, Texas.